How to videos

Tutorials to get you started with editing your website

Logging in to WordPress


This video will guide you through the process of finding your site’s login page and describe how to log into your site.



Setting up your site to edit once you are logged in

 In this video, I share how I like to work between the dashboard and the front of the website.



Editing a Page


Here I show you how to edit your pages and use some of the simple modules to keep your site up-to-date.



Add and Schedule a Blog Post


Writing and publishing blog posts made easy in this video.  I also show you how to set them up to publish themselves if you like!



Using Alt Tags on your Website


When and how should I use Alt tags for my images on my blogs/products/pages?  Should I even bother.  This short video shows you how and highlights a couple of reasons that alt tags are important.



Adding Links to Products, Posts and Divi


It is really easy to add links within the text of your site.  Whether you are writing a blog post, additing a product or using the Divi builder on a page or elsewhere, this video will show you how to add a link to your site.



Using RankMath for SEO


An introduction to Search Engine Optimisation using RankMath as a tool to improve your pages’ rankings.



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